Transition to Middle School

Ways to help your child transition from elementary to midde school.
  1. Your child will need your support and attention. He or she will look to you for information, guidance, love, and understanding.
  2. Visit our school during open house with your child. Help them locate the office, cafeteria, restrooms, and classrooms.
  3. Meet the teachers, counselors, principals, and other school staff.
  4. Help your child organize materials for each class.
  5. Arrange for your child to have a consistent place to study that is quiet and comfortable. When the child has finished the assignment(s) check the work. Praise the child for his or her efforts. This will help build confidence.
  6. Balance school work with after school activities.
  7. Get to know your child's friends. Discuss peer pressure and the importance of strong, healthy friendships.
  8. Talk to your child about dangerous behaviors such as drugs, alcohol, violence, and bullying.
  9. Make sure your child knows you are ALWAYS willing to talk about school and/or home concerns.
  10. Last but not least... Your child will enjoy having you involved in his or her school. Volunteer if you can, attend scheduled meetings, and school activitties. They are growing up, but they still need you!